Please note:


The carrier used to dispatch the meters is Portuguese Post Office mail.



All parcels are dispatched as Prioritary Air Mail, with registration like RH #### #### # PT



this method of shipping is very safe has the advantage of having an excellent price-quality ratio, managing not to overcharge the meter too much with the cost of shipping, has an acceptable delivery time, can be a little more time-consuming outside Europe, and is more critical between NOV20 and DEC20  to USA Canada and Australia, Europe in some particular few cases to, etc, at this time there may be longer delays due to the increase of mail volume by all the countries, being more critical the delivery in locations farther from the point of origin.

Over the many years we have sent meters, there have been only one or two non-delivery situations, even those that have suffered major delays, (4 to 6 weeks) have always been delivered, the one or two situations that the customers declared they did not receive, were reimbursed of their money, however the problem was that their mail service could not deliver them because they were absent or because they had not gone to their post office, receive it,  then after some time the meter came back to me.


If after 20 working days the order does not arrive, please advise, for the above mentioned procedure will be initiated.


in case of buyer not receive the parcel or parcel get lost, at the end of the average time stipulated for each case,  will begin the process to return the payment via PayPal and open the investigation process by my Postal service , in case the parcel is delivered to the recipient after PayPal has refunded the customer, the proof of delivery of the order resulting from the investigation will be sent to the service PayPal so that the re-payment for the order could be restored.



The meters are available in stock, otherwise, whenever a model can not be provided or is temporarily unavailable, the respective PayPal button for payment will be inactive until the situation is normalized.

once your purchase is made the shipment will be done in the next 1-3 wd after your order be placed 

and  notification of your PayPal payment, you'll receive an e-mail confirming reception of your order

 it will be forwarded to your address

I'll comunicate all steps regarding your order as soon as possible.

Very Important: Once you make the payment and your shipping address is not the same as written on your PayPal information, you should inform the correct shipping address, imediately after made your payment.


The prices of all products may need to be updated without prior notice, it include all shipping fees and  VAT and excluding all other taxes after shipping that may be applied in the customs control processes, these will be solely the responsibility of the buyer. For your own interest ,should, before buying, try to know the estimated costs of these fees when applicable, with the customs services of your country.







Please note: All orders, especially those coming from the United States and Canada, will be accompanied by Invoice and the amount paid for the device will be officially declared to the Destination Country Tax and Customs Authorities, with the amount paid, written on the exterior sticker of Customs declaration, issued for this purpose.


 So, please, before purchasing this unit, consult information of all costs and Customs fees for this International purchase, these Customs additional costs (that could eventually be applyed, or not) will not be covered by vendor.


If your shipping address is not the one on your PayPal information payment order, please inform as soon as possible, by email after your payment be made, the correct shipping address, I'll confirm that  new shipping address, was received